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True art is far from commerce!
Make for yourself and divide with everyone..


direction 2B - Ukraine, 2003-2009

photo movie about the moving into adulthood

idea and photos: Anna G, Serg Twob - editing and music: 2B - running time 3 min. 53 sec.
«Master-class: how to shoot the movie during one night»
direction 2B - Ukraine, 2008

documentary about the short movie shooting process

photography: Nikolay Bondarchuk, Anna G - editing, sound: 2B - running time 25 min.
direction 2B - Ukraine, 2007

documentary about the journey of Irpen film festival organizers to the retrospective composerscreening in Dinetsk

photography: Nikolay Bondarchuk - editing: 2B - running time 44 min. 22 sec. - download: 500 Mb
«Sleep, baby!»
direction 2B - Ukraine, 2007

music video for 2B's song "Sleep, baby!"

screenwriting, photography, editing: 2B - photography assistant, light: Konstantin Sergienko - cast: G and 2B - lyrics and music: 2B - remix: Viridis - running time 3 min. 39 sec. - download: 20 Mb
«Festival smiles»
direction 2B - Ukraine, 2006

music documentary based on chronicles of the 4th Irpen film festival

photography: Mark Vetrov, 2B - editing, music and sound: 2B - cast: guests and participants of the IFF-4 - running time 4 min. 5 sec. - download: 19 Mb
direction 2B - Ukraine, 2005

mystical story about love and loneliness

screenwriting: 2B - composer: Evgen Krasnov - photography: 2B, Konstantin Sergienko - editing, sound: 2B - cast: G 2B - running time 3 min. 57 sec. - download: 42 Mb
direction 2B - Ukraine, 2003

the movie about several music groups: about creative poeple and their attitudes

idea: 2B - photography: Konstantin Sergienko, 2B - prorucer and inspirator: G - running time 36,5 min. - download: 251,4 Mb
«Even if U R another»
direction 2B - Ukraine, 2002

music video for the song of "Young Kitten & old Dog"

idea, editing, sound, lyrics and music: 2B - cast: G and 2B - running time 3 min. - download: 10 Mb

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