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Direction Olga Kazanova
Russia, 2006

The angel is to assist the two youngs' meeting, but he fails reaching the girls' heart. He has brought her an invigorating light, but she prefers the light of a TV set.

Screenwriting, Photography, Art Direction, Animation, Editing, Sound editing: Olga Kazanova

Running time: 3 minutes
Production Format: Personal computer
IFF-5 Nomination: Animation

Olga Kazanova

Biography: 26 years old. The Chief animator at the "Melnitza" Cartoon films Studio. The student of the 4th course of St. Petersburg Cinema and Television University.

Filmography: "Angel", "Christening"


Direction Mark Vetrov
Ukraine, 2007

Computer videoclip on the song "Autumn" by Sergey "2B" Twob album "New - well forgotten old".

Screenwriting, Animation, Editing, Sound editing: Mark Vetrov
Composer: Viridis

Animation Technique: Autodesk Maya, Vue 6 xStream, Foundry Nuke, etc

Production: "Andromeda M31"
Running time: 4,5 minutes
Production Format: Personal computer
IFF-5 Nomination: Animation

Mark Vetrov

Biography: Was born in Donetsk area. Has finished Donetsk National Technically University, the engineer of electronic technics, specialization microprocessor systems. The present place of work - a project institute "YuzhNIIgiprogaz" on a post the system administrator of the Design department No.2.

Filmography: The Courier (2004), The Window in the Universe (2005)

WWW: "Andromeda M31"

"La Lupe i en Bruno"

Direction Marc Riba & Anna Solanas
Spain, 2005

Lupe likes Bruno. Bruno does not like Lupe. A fascinating passion story, of impossible love, of... Ok, maybe it's only Lupe and Bruno's story.

Screenwriting: Marc Riba & Anna Solanas
Photography: Anna Molins
Editing: Sergi Marti
Sound editing: Anna Solanas
Composer: Emilio Solla
Art Direction: Marc Riba
Animation: Nuria Riba

Animation Technique: Puppet animation
Production: "I+G Stop Motion"
Running time: 5 minutes
Production Format: 35 mm
IFF-5 Nomination: Animation

Marc Riba & Anna Solanas

Biography: Marc Riba and Anna Solanas shooted their first puppet animation short film “Black is the colour of the gods” (35mm, 2002) as a graduation film. It was nominated for the Goya Awards (the Spanish Academy of Cinema Awards) and won different awards in festivals all over the world. Their second short film “Lupe & Bruno” (35mm, 2005) was selected in more than 140 festivals in 25 countries, and won 22 awards.

Filmography: “Black is the colour of the gods” (35mm, 2002) “Lupe & Bruno” (35mm, 2005) “Violeta, la pescadora del mar negro” (35mm, 2006)

WWW: www.lupebruno.com

"My friend"

Direction Rostislav Garbar
Ukraine, 2006

A boy planted a tree.The tree was a friend for him. But some people decided to build a factory there. The tree has to be cut down...

Screenwriting, Animation, Editing: Rostislav Garbar
Sound editing: Ivan Pogodichev

Running time: 4 minutes
Production Format: Personal computer
IFF-5 Nomination: Animation

Rostislav Garbar

Biography: was born in Kiev in 1974.2006- Graduated from the Institute of Cinema and Television,got the qualification: Director of animation films.

Filmography: 2006-"My friend"

"The Kid"

Direction Fernando Pinheiro
Brazil, 2006

Condemned by playing. The story of a child in black and white and a watercolor doll in painting on canvas. "A picture with a smile and perhaps - two tears".

Screenwriting, Art Direction, Editing, Sound editing: Fernando Pinheiro
Photography: Guilherme Cunha
Animation: Danilo Pinheiro and Fernando Pinheiro

Animation Technique: 2D and 3D
Running time: 4 minutes
Production Format: 35 mm
IFF-5 Nomination: Animation

Fernado Pinheiro

Biography: Fernado Pinheiro was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil 1977. He studied fine arts at the Escola Guignard in Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais, and cinema’s techinic, animation 2D and 3D researcher. Along with directing animation and experimental short films. “Fernand Pinheiro” In the film "The Kid" 1921 by "Charles Chaplin" and "Charlie Chaplin" in credits. My name in my first film “A Garota” “The Kid” 2006 in Art Director is "Fernand Pinheiro" (without "o") and Director "Fernando Pinheiro" www.fernandopinheiro.com

Filmography: Fime / Films 2008: "Love amor ame" (production) short animation 2008: "Ser - humano" / "human - Being" (pre production) short live acton and animation film 2007: "Bons Sonhos" (pos-production) short animation / experimental / musical / Fantasy 2006: "Cap VX:12" / "Chap XV:12"/ "Kap XV:12" Kurzfilm / Curta-metragem / Courts metrages / Short Film - Documentarfilme / documentary www.fernandopinheiro.com 2006: "A GAROTA" / "L'ENFANT" / "THE KID" / "DAS KIND" / "LA NINA" Animated Short film 35 mm.

WWW: www.fernandopinheiro.com

"200000 fantoms"

Direction Jean-Gabriel Periot
France, 2007

Hiroshima 1914-2006.

Screenwriting, Editing: Jean-Gabriel Periot
Sound editing: Xavier Thibault
Composer: current 93

Production: "envie de tempete"
Running time: 10 minutes
Production Format: 35 mm
IFF-5 Nomination: Animation

Jean-Gabriel Periot

Biography: Baby-sitter, barman, clothes and handkrafts salesman, videotapes program clerck, assistant director, editor, mime, auction sales assistant, journalist, danse filmaker, artist...

Filmography: "even if she had been a criminal...", "undo dies irae we are winning don't forget"

WWW: jgperiot.free.fr


Direction Olga Kazanova
Russia, 2006

The man has lost everything he had. He faces a choice now: to geather the residues or to accept the Scense, that can be never lost.

Screenwriting, Art Direction, Photography, Animation, Editing: Olga Kazanova
Composers: Konstantin Kinchev, Igor Romanov
Sound editing: Yuriy Shlapakov

Running time: 5 minutes
Production Format: Personal computer
IFF-5 Nomination: Experimental

Olga Kazanova

Biography: 26 years old. The Chief animator at the "Melnitza" Cartoon films Studio. The student of the 4th course of St. Petersburg Cinema and Television University.

Filmography: "Angel", "Christening"

"Colorful EU"

Direction Peter Vadocz
Hungary, 2006

As you walking on the streets, the flags of EU-countries are come into sight anything you just look at. The EU is in the objects, in the creatures, in the people. The colorful EU is around us. An experimental spot to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the European Union.

Screenwriting, Animation, Photography, Editing, Sound editing: Peter Vadocz

Animation Technique: Pixilation

Production: "Kodolanyi Janos University College - Visual Workshop"
Running time: 2 minutes
Production Format: betacam
IFF-5 Nomination: Experimental

Peter Vadocz

Biography: 28 years old. Former student of Kodolanyi Janos University College (Hungary) in Communications major. He got camera in his hand first in his life here; during these years he made some short films (as a writer, cameraman, editor and director). Recently he is studiyng in Science University of PECS. From 2001 he’s working for Videostudio of the Kodolanyi University and lead the Creative Workshop, where talented students get chance to make their own short films. Recently he take part mainly international projects; his last experimental work was produced by the Council of Europe. His shorts have been selected to take part in the competitive sections of more than one hundred international film festivals of the following countries: AZERBAIJAN, BELGIUM, BRASIL, CANADA, CHILE, CROATIA, CUBA, CZECH REPUBLIC, DENMARK, FRANCE, GERMANY, GREECE, HUNGARY, ITALY, LATVIA, MACEDONIA, THE NEDERLANDS, NEW-ZEALAND, NORWAY, POLAND, PORTUGAL, ROMANIA, SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA, SPAIN, SWITZERLAND, TURKEY, UKRAINE, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, UNITED KINGDOM, USA, ZIMBABWE.

Filmography: Only award-winner short films: APRIL 11th – a love-story (2000., 26 min.) The Communications.award of the Local Televison station and the University College for the highest level dissertation of the college year – 2001. COMMERCIAL SPOTS about reading (2002., 5 min.) video special award - 2002. ADVENTURES OF LITTLE MAN (2000-2001., screenplay) Open Film Festival (OFF) screenplay main-prize – 2002. ONEMINUTES (1999., 6 min.) special award of the Hungarian Independent Film and Video Assosiation – 2003. special award of the 33rd Trans-Danubian Independent Film Festival – 2003. RED DOTTED (2003., 2 min.) certificate of merit of 10. National Student Film Festival – 2003. LOVE AFFAIRS (2003., 6 min.) Special award for best screenplay + 2nd place 1. Gocsej Film Festival – Hungary EUROPA WERK (2004., 3 min.) 3rd place „24 Film Festival” – Hungary „For Original Decision” award – Audiovisual Festival for Young Filmmakers – Baku, Azerbaijan SOPHIE (2004., 1 min.) Special award for best screenplay 1. Gocsej Film Festival – Hungary Best actress award – Sansevieria Film Festival – Ohio, USA WHY DON’T GIRLS PLAY FOOTBALL? (2005., 2 min.) Best Grafical Effect award – Sansevieria Film Festival – Ohio, USA SHAKING LIFE (2006., 3 min.) Best experimental film award 4th International Noncommercial Festival of Alternative Cinematograph – Irpen, UKRAINE 3rd place – Fiction Film Award 9th Corto in Sabina IFF – Mompeo, ITALY 50 years, 50 colors, 50 seconds (COLORFUL EU) (2006., 1 min.) Prix Europa Spot award PRIX EUROPA 2006 – Berlin, GERMANY COLORFUL EU (2006., 1 min.) Main award – NOKIA mobile film festival – Budapest HUNGARY



Direction Vincent Chabrillat
France, 2006

USER NAME : gizmo_girl2089
PASSWORD : comein2myworld
In my world everything I need is provided to me : What I have to see, hear, think. My brain doesn’t need to create anything. My dreams don’t belong to me. I am a program.

Screenwriting, Photography, Editing: Vincent Chabrillat
Sound editing: Antoine Dumont, Vincent Chabrillat
Composer: Antoine Dumont

Cast: Gaelane Justinien

Production: "Shu-Ching Huang"
Running time: 6 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Experimental

Vincent Chabrillat

Biography: The artist was born in France in 1971. He studied video production in Lyon’s Ecole Superieure de Communication Audiovisuelle where he produced and directed his first work : a documentary showing the activities of “Enfants de la Terre” (a charity organization that helps sick kids) which was broadcast on France 2 (French National TV channel). Vincent Chabrillat then took the Intensive Film Program at New York University in the US. His main objective was to learn the hands-on craft of filmmaking. With fellow students he produced three short films and also worked on numerous productions outside of the school. He worked as DP, cameraman, script person, boom operator, gaffer, editor, assistant director, and even as an assistant casting director for James Ivory’s “A Soldier Daughter Never Cries”. The goal was to get a stronger knowledge of every job in order to be able to understand and even sometimes anticipate his crew’s problems while directing his ow! n films. Back in France he studied at Paris 8 University in order to get more theoretical knowledge about cinema. As an exchange student he decided to go back to New York City and took a multimedia and special effects oriented program at Brooklyn College. He then worked as a photo editor for Time Warner’s Court TV, a national TV station based in New York City. After three years he felt that it was finally time for him to go on and shoot his own films. Since 2003 he has shot four short films : two fictions, and two experimental films selected in many festivals around the world. He is now working on video installation projects as well as other experimental and fiction films. He is also preparing his first feature film.

Filmography: Filmography as a director : - gizmo_girl2089 (6’11’’- experimental, DVCAM-2006) - Une Maison Vide (Empty House)( 9’53’’- fiction, DVCAM-2005) - Passages (3’40- experimental, Digital Beta - 2004) - Vendanges.net (19’ - fiction, Digital Beta - 2003) In preparation : - Green Men (10’- video-art, DVCAM) - Les Petites Miettes (20’ – fiction, 35 mm) - Roots (feature - fiction, 35mm)

"If you will go away"

Direction Àndriy
Ukraine, 2006

If you will go away, my sun wouldn't shine.

Screenwriting, Art Direction: Àndriy
Photography, Editing, Sound editing: Mark Vetrov
Composer: Eugene Krasnov

Cast: Viktoria, Denis, Andriy

Production: "Andromeda M31"
Running time: 4 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Experimental


Filmography: First clip.

"In any minute"

Direction Mark Vetrov
Ukraine, 2006

The videoclip on a song "In any minute" of Sergey "2B" TwoB album "New - well forgotten old".

Screenwriting, Photography, Editing, Sound editing: Mark Vetrov
Composer: Eugene Krasnov
Assistant: Tatiana Zarypova

Production: "Andromeda M31"
Running time: 3,5 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Experimental

Mark Vetrov

Biography: Was born in Donetsk area. Has finished Donetsk National Technically University, the engineer of electronic technics, specialization microprocessor systems. The present place of work - a project institute "YuzhNIIgiprogaz" on a post the system administrator of the Design department No.2.

Filmography: The Courier (2004), The Window in the Universe (2005)

WWW: "Andromeda M31"


Direction Jam
Ukraine, 2006

The film focuses on the problem of infected people.

Screenwriting, Photography, Editing, Sound editing: Jam
Composer: Eugene Krasnov

Running time: 6 minutes
Production Format: Photo
IFF-5 Nomination: Experimental


"If you will leave..."

Direction Viktor Konovalov
Argentina, 2007

Victor Konovalov and Eugene Krasnov's musical video-clip within the limits of the project "New - well forgotten old". Film is produced in Buenos Aires 2007.

Screenwriting, Photography, Editing, Art Direction: Viktor Konovalov
Sound editing: Viktor Konovalov, Eugene Krasnov
Composer: Eugene Krasnov

Cast: Viktor Konovalov, Viktoria Konovalova, Alla Lisenko

Production: "D.V. Studio & CSRecords"
Running time: 4 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Experimental

Viktor Konovalov

Biography: Lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Filmography: It is Victor Konovalova's first author's work.

"Me again"

Direction jahndra
Ukraine, 2007

Clip made whithin the project "H-X3C".

Screenwriting, Editing, Sound editing: jahndra
Photography: jahndra, jey
Composer: Eugene Krasnov

Cast: Erik, Andriy, Dmitro

Running time: 4 minutes
Production Format: Personal computer
IFF-5 Nomination: Experimental


"Move Toward the Light"

Direction Will Forrester
USA, 2007

A glimpse into childhood, seen from the viewpoint of a child. Technically, the piece was put through a lengthy process of experimentation, one of which included digitally painting frame by frame. A particular emphasis was placed on time, light, and movement. The music for the piece was written by the filmmaker with the intention of cinematic use.

Screenwriting, Photography, Editing, Sound editing: Will Forrester

Running time: 5 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Experimental

Will Forrester

Biography: Will Forrester (B.A., M.A.) has worked in a variety of genres that range from documentary to experimental. His work has been shown in film festivals and art galleries around the world, from Mexico City to Iran.

Filmography: Move Toward the Light 2007 Elegant Disposition (An Introduction) 2006 Perennial Slumber 2004 Quotidian 2003

WWW: www.eggnog.com


Direction Valentyn Korniyko, Vàdim Karpets
Ukraine, 2006

Thoughts through a picture... sadly...

Screenwriting: Valentyn Korniyko, Vàdim Karpets
Photography, Editing: Valentyn Korniyko
ìóçûêà: "Radiohead"

Running time: 5 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Experimental

Valentyn Korniyko

Biography: Valentyn Korniyko was born on Earth on 3 of april 1984. Graduated school, didn't graduate institutes. Still lives on Earth. Karpets VAdim . The birthplace Siberia. 20 years lives in Ukraine. Hobbies: cinema, an applied art, supervision over citizens.

Filmography: Eight reasons of mine

"Òhå Guides"

Direction Konstantin Kolomiychenko
Ukraine, 2007

Êðåìàòîðèé: îáû÷íàÿ áóäíè÷íàÿ æèçíü. Íàáëþäåíèå èçíóòðè, áåç êîììåíòàðèåâ...

Screenwriting, Photography, Editing, Sound editing: Konstantin Kolomiychenko
Co-Direction: Natalia Burlachenko

Running time: 6 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Experimental

Konstantin Kolomiychenko


"TV Me"

Direction Riccardo Ponis
Italy, 2006

A TV-Junkie try to stop is crisis.

Screenwriting, Sound editing, Composer: Riccardo Ponis
Photography: Niccolo Palomba
Editing: Alessandro Giordani
Assistant of Director: Francesco Giannetti

Cast: Francesco Giannetti

Production: "MORI/MErry TIme BLAck"
Running time: 3 minutes
Production Format: 8 mm
IFF-5 Nomination: Experimental

Riccardo Ponis

Biography: I'm graduated (3+2 years) at the university of Rome "LA SAPIENZA" in Cinema matters. I directed short movies, web-tv programs, videoclips for underground music bands. I've got a music project named METIBLA too. I'm a filmaker interessed to create experimental (..but narrative) movies.

Filmography: TV ME (Super 8 Short, director) N.C. – IL FRUTTO DELL’AMORE (MiniDV short,co-director with Niccolo Palomba,2004) LOUSY NUMBER ZERO! (MiniDV short, director,2003) BARATTOLO DEL DOLORE N°2 (miniDV + Super 8 short,2002) BARATTOLO DEL DOLORE N°1 (miniDV short,director 2001)

WWW: www.metibla.net

"Untitled Poems"

Direction Andrew M. Gribble
USA, 2006

A series of four poems about: 1) writer's block, 2) reactions to art, 3) home(land) security in the post-9/11 age, and 4) poetry which both defines and defies its own rules.

Screenwriting, Photography, Editing, Sound editing: Andrew M. Gribble

Running time: 3 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Experimental

Andrew M. Gribble

Biography: Andrew M. Gribble was born and grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. He studied French and Communications as an undergraduate and graduate student, and earned a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies in 1993. Andrew taught university courses in broadcasting and multimedia at several different universities for the next decade, and did full time freelance work in the interactive industry from 1997-2003. He is currently doing freelance multimedia work in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. An avid cinephile from a very young age, Andrew discovered a way to combine his interests in film, audio and poetry in 2006 when he began exploring nontraditional ways to publish his writing. The majority of his video work to date combines text, video and audio, and attempts to create an immersive environment which simultaneously resembles and differs from everyday reality.

Filmography: Poetic Motion (USA, 2006) Untitled Poems (USA, 2006)

"10 minutes to doomsday"

Direction Sergey Bilik
Ukraine, 2006

Documentary - role ode of inevitability.

Screenwriting, Photography, Art Direction, Editing, Sound editing: Sergey Bilik

Cast: Valentin Zurkan, Michael Yazko

Production: "100 DA"
Running time: 15 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Fiction

Sergey Bilik

Biography: Bilik Sergey Igorevich The inhabitant of Kiev. Was born in 1984. Don't have any special academic cinematographic education. write scripts and shoot films began from an appeal of heart (in December 2005).For a year has taken off three short pictures.First of them " the World and penguins ", has taken the third prize-winning place in a format of game cinema on festival D-Foto motion pictures in 2006, and as a prize of spectator sympathies. " The cinema became my life. I continue to consider, write, remove and mount almost each free minute".

Filmography: The world and penguins - 2006 Daily occurrence - 2006 Ten minutes to doomsday - 2006


Direction Dimitry Gridin
Russia, 2006

Cinema about cinema: about value of the director in creation of films and that results in crisis.

Screenwriting, Photography, Editing, Sound editing: Dimitry Gridin
Sound editing: Sergey Korablev
Composerû: Frank Zappa, Dimitry Gridin
Art Direction: Konstantin Pershin

Cast: D.Gridin, L.Lisicyn, V.Sukhorukov, etc.

Production: "Green Picture", "TeleVes"
Running time: 17 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Fiction

Dimitry Gridin

Biography: Was born in 1974 in city of Monchegorsk. With 1982 lives in Podporozhie, the Leningrad region. Since 1999 worked in local press, on radio, now works as the director of the program of local TV.

Filmography: Feature films: "Flight", 2003. "Conditions", 2004. "Armastan", 2005. " Primitive passions ", 2006. " Pending Godo ", "Happiness", "Crisis", 2006-2007.


Direction Mahmood Noori
Iran, 2006

A young man is in a road and he is broke so no driver takes him to the city. He uses a tradition to make them understand their fault.

Screenwriting, Editing: Mahmood Noori
Photography: Pouriya Asadi
Sound editing: Mustafa Karami

Running time: 6 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Fiction

Mahmood Noori

Biography: Mahmood Noori was born in 1989 in Iran. He learnt the art of Cinema when he was teenager from his father and made his first short film in 15.

Filmography: The Actor 2004 short fiction 1st national Festival of “City” - Iran 2004 "Beautiful Anger" 2006 documentary 11th national short film festival of “Tehran” - Iran 2006 International film festival of “Isfahan” - Iran 2006 Electronic festival of “The Holy Prophet” - Iran 2006 1st national festival of “Behzisty” - Iran 2007 4th national film festival of “One Hundred” (Sadd) - Iran 2007 "Doit" 2006 short fiction 2nd national festival of “Police” - Iran 2006 4th national film festival of “One Hundred” (Sadd) - Iran 2007 "The Day of Doubt" 2006 short fiction 2nd national festival of “Prayers & Praise” - Iran 2006 Winner of the “Special Award of the Jury”.


Direction Stella Kwok
Hong Kong, 2006

A girl who loves a boy, catching in her own illusion and cannot extricate from it.

Screenwriting: Stella Kwok
Photography, Editing, Sound editing: Tuss Wu

Cast: Mon Chan, Queenie Chan
Running time: 9 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Fiction

Stella Kwok

Biography: I am a graduated student of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. After graduated, I have participated in numerous independent short film productions.

Filmography: "That's the way life is" (2005) "Impression" (2006)


Direction Mark Chapman
United Kingdom, 2005

‘Older’ is an unusual and disquieting drama focussing on a day in the life of Older Man. Trapped inside of his home and overwhelmed by the oppressive sun, he decides to rebel against his ailing body and escape.

Screenwriting: Mark Chapman
Photography: Steve O'Brien
Editing: Nick Light
Sound editing: Mark Chapman, Nick Light
Composers: Simon Watkins, Rory Craig
Art Direction: Mike Myers

Cast: Harry Herring, Paul Watson, John Warrior

Production: "Helen Stearman"
Running time: 9 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Fiction

Mark Chapman

Biography: My super 8 film ‘Home Movie’ recently won the Special Jury Prize at the Cosmic Zoom festival in Copenhagen and received an RTS ‘High Commendation’. My follow up film, ‘Older’ has been selected for international film festivals around the world and was nominated for the audience award at the Cambridge Film Festival. I work at Tyne Metropolitan College as a technician, lighting performances etc, and I also teach a weekly film class at the college. I work as a freelance photographer and my exhibition of intimate portraits, ‘Loomer’ was held in Newcastle last November.

Filmography: 'Older' (2005) 'Home Movie' (2003)


Direction Gilad Carmel
France, 2007

While trying to find out more about a secret in his family past, Sebastian meets a young girl pursued by strangers. Through her desperate run, Sebastian is progressively drawn into an anachronistic nightmare, reliving the horrors of the holocaust. It’s this painful road that leads him to the discovery of the truth about his past.

Screenwriting: Gilad Carmel
Photography: Christophe Guilbaud
Editing: Alan Jobart, Gilad Carmel
Sound editing: Jean Noel Yven, Alexandre Hecker
Composer: Pierre Levy

Cast: Sebastien Ossard, Dounia Sichov

Production: "Promethee Productions"
Running time: 27 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Fiction

Gilad Carmel

Biography: Born in Israel, film studies in Paris and New York. As a student worked on short films and documentaries as assistant director, screenwriter and editor. Since 2005 works principally as an editor in Paris. Photogramme is his second short film.

Filmography: 2002 « Closed Window » (DV, 20’, Promethee Productions) 2007 « Photogramme » (S-16mm, 27’, Promethee Productions)

"Sayuru and Kiyumi"

Direction Satoru Sugita
Japan, 2006

The station at early morning in the winter. Kiyumi, with an eye patch, waits for Sayuru to go to school together. But Sayuru does not show up again today. Kiyumi and Sayuru attend elementary school, and are the best of friends. A few days ago, while having a lively snowball fight on their way back from school, Kiyumi had her first period. Kiyumi tried desperately to hide it, pretending that Sayuru’s snowball hit her in the eye. But the surprised Sayuru, either knowing it or not, inadvertently ran away. After some time, Sayuru shows up at the station.Kiyumi remains standing at the platform. The two keep at a certain distance, not close, yet not far. In front of them, a “blue train” glides into the station like a gently lapping wave, and then departs. Like this, Sayuru will also one day have her first period. However, for the moment, she smiles as she puts on the eye patch that Kiyumi has taken off. Then, the two sprinkle “strawberry syrup” as red as blood on the snowfield, cheerfully poking at it with their spoon, and eating it as if it were shaved ice. Nobody yet knows that Kiyumi’s elbow and Sayuru’s knees are exactly alike.

Screenwriting, Editing: Satoru Sugita
Photography: Sasha Sokolov

Cast: Ryoka Shinada, Momoko Maruyama

Production: "Slim Synclavier Switch / Sayuru and Kiyumi Production Committee"
Running time: 5 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Fiction

Satoru Sugita

Biography: A film director, writer, producer.Satoru SUGITA was born in 1974 in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. His script Shell Ear is Grand-Prix award at the Isama Studio Cinema Festival screenplay competition. He debuted in 2004 and with Shell Ear, his first short film, the invitation screening is done by 16 countries in the world starting with having received the high reputation value " The Prize of Fencer in category of Young Producer award " from president of the jury Andrzej Zulawski in Wroclaw in Poland that became an International Premiere.

Filmography: 1 ?Shell Ear?(2004) 33min. 35mm Awards: Praha,Wroclaw,Rochester,Atlanta,New Jersey,Sansevieria,Park City,Oxnard,Kawasaki,Isama. (Grand-Prix?4, Superior Prize, Best Silent Film, Best Cinematography, Prize of Fencer…etc) Selections:The 62nd Venice International Film Festival 05 ITALY The 13rd Saint-Petersburg International Film Festival 05 RUSSIA The 22nd Bogota International Film Festival 05 COLOMBIA The 10th Kerala International Film Festival 05 INDIA The 4th Bangkok International Film Festival 05 THAILAND The 26th Asolo International Art Film Festival 05 ITALY The 8th Zanzibar International Film Festival 05 TANZANIA The 3rd Vladivostok International Film Festival 05 RUSSIA,etc. 10 Awards,16 Countries,42 FilmFestivals” 2 ?Le coude de Kiyumi, le genou de Sayuru?(2006) 5min. HDV.


Direction Jared Katsiane
USA / United Kingdom, 2005

A teenager wanders his neighborhood, drifting in and out of the lives of friends and strangers.

Screenwriting, Editing, Sound editing: Jared Katsiane
Photography: Jim Boyd
Cast: John Ulrich, Justin Downey, Betty Katsiane, Tara Van Osdol

Running time: 11 minutes
Production Format: 16 mm
IFF-5 Nomination: Fiction

Jared Katsiane

Biography: Jared Katsiane teaches filmmaking in the same public housing development where he grew up in Boston. His award-winning films have screened at all sorts of venues around the world, and he has received fifteen grants and fellowships. Jared’s 2005 film Solace premiered at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, was awarded the Silver Prize at the 47th Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Film, screened at 31 other festivals, and was hailed as a “milestone” by the editor of France’s premier film journal, Cahiers du Cinema.

Filmography: Where Is Estel?, 2007; Fernando's First Snow, 2006; Girl Climbing Trees, 2006; Superhero, 2006; Everyday Is New, 2006; Solace, 2005; amBUSHed, 1992; New Folks On The Block, 1991.


Direction Dmytro Starusev
Ukraine, 2006

Maybe,the world history is a history of variuos intonations pronounced in a few metaphors. (J.L.Borjes) Frightening sphere, which center is everywhere, but its circumference is nowhere. (B.Paskal) These quotations would explain the viewer what they could see in the film "Shpere". 12 episodes (parts).12 situations (cases). Which aren't connected.Which never begin or end. Which characters have no intention to describe their background and their place in this world. "Sphere" is a broken TV of the life stream: surfing the channels in spite of its owner's wish. "Sphere" is an experiment on the actors, the viewers and the director. "Sphere" is a death metaphor. The film is dedicated to dead people and their memories.

Screenwriting: Dmytro Starusev, Michael Trakhanov
Photography: Alexander Dobrev
Editing, Sound editing: Dmytro Starusev
õóäîæíèêè-ïîñòàíîâùèêè: A.Akinshin, Nataliya Skiba
ãðèìåðû: Irina Semykina, Nataliya Skiba

Cast: Jaroslav Jachtrebov, Ksenia Marchenko, Sergey Chernov, Michael Trakhanov, Mika, Denis Jakovlev, Aleksey Gvozdev, Eugeny Drygola, Olga Zurkan, Ilya Kudinenko, Irina Buchinskaya, Konstantin Bunovsky, Svetlana Voronina, Kim Kalinin, Alexander Dobrev

Production: "Division studio"
Running time: 18 minutes
Production Format: DV
IFF-5 Nomination: Fiction

Dmytro Starusev

Filmography: 2005 - Camomile(dv,8") 2005 - idi001(dv,5") 2006 - Juice as water(dv,12") 2006 - Sphere(dv,18")


Direction Natalya Belyaeva
Russia, 2006

The beginning of love. Is it that necessary to know more about each other?

Screenwriting, Editing, Sound editing: Natalya Belyaeva
Photography: Michael Shalyapin
Sound editing: Anna Karakulova
Art Direction: Olga Vdovina

Cast: Vitaly Kravchenko, Polina Voronova, Inga Rogozova

Production: StPbSUC&TV
Running time: 15 minutes
Production Format: 35 mm
IFF-5 Nomination: Fiction

Natalya Belyaeva

Biography: Was born in Moscow in 1984. Live in village Krasnodon, Ukraine. In 2004 - student of Saint-Petersburg University of Cinema & TV.

Filmography: Khotey 2004 Painter his our live 2005 Striptease 2006.

"The garden of chemistry delights"

Direction Jorge Sa
Portugal, 2006

There is a place of flowers where monsters and angels meet. There is a time in which angels are spellbound and destroyed in their innocence, fascinated by the magic of monsters.This film is that moment when innocence is contaminated by nightmare and an angel becomes the monster.

Screenwriting: Jorge Sa
Photography, Editing: Pedro Clerigo
Sound editing, Composer: Samuel Rebelo

Cast: Diogo Doria, Sara Gabriel

Production: "Sandra Silva"
Running time: 13 minutes
Production Format: betacam
IFF-5 Nomination: Fiction

Jorge Sa

Biography: Jorge Duarte Sa was born in Santarem in 1968, he study Architecture in Porto, Post graduate in Art Theories in ESBAL, graduate in SGI- Silicon Graphics, is member of the International Academy Medicea of Cinematography, in Florence, He is teatcher in Restart –School of Creativity and new Technologies , accomplishes since 1989 several films, already rewarded in several filmfestivals and he guides mediaprojects for television and cinema, . He is president of the Artefilme- movement experiences.

Filmography: 2005- O JARDIM DAS DELICIAS DA QUIMICA filme rodado em HDTV Seleccao oficial do Fantasporto 2007 2001- HENRIQUE Seleccao oficial do Fantasporto 2001 Silver Key no ARTFILM FESTIVAL- Eslovaquia 2001 Premio Cidade de Montecatini –FILMVIDEO - Montecatini- Italia 2001 2000- 3 FILMES PARA JOAO AFONSO Performance– Exposicao na Igreja de S. Joao de Alporao- Santarem 1999-SORRIDI DOVE ,Co producao com a Academia Internacional Medicea –Florenca 1998- SUBITAMENTE NO VERAO PASSADO Participacao no Fantasporto 99 Premio melhor ficcao no Ovarvideo 99 1996- FACING THE FAX Documentario sobre a exposicao realizada na Fundacao Gulbenkian pela Universidade de Manchester 1995- CINCO MINUTOS EM EXPOSICAO Video-Instalacao para a exposicao “Pintura no Tempo de Braancamp Freire” – Santarem 1995- Apresentacao Publica de Trabalhos Realizados pelo Autor no FilmVilla – Nuremberga- Alemanha 1995- DUAS TRIBOS Co-realizacao com o grupo Alemao Zabba-Film - Nuremberga 1994-REQUIEM 1?Premio no Fotograma D Oro Film Festival -Milao -Italia-1996 1?Premio no Messina Video Festival- Messina – Italia 1997 Premio Massimo Troisi Film Festival Florenca - Italia 1997 1? Premio Trace Audiovise Video Festival, Salerno - Italia 1998 1991- PRIMA BALLERINA Premio “Mons” Festival Internacional de Cinema de Mons- Belgica-1993 Participacao no FantasPorto-1994 Seleccao Oficial de Portugal na Bienal dos Jovens Criadores da Europa e do Mediterraneo-1994 1989- L?HOMME FATAL 1? Premio , Encontros de Cultura e Desenvolvimento –Lisboa 1990 Premio Melhor Video, Festival Internacional de Cinema do Algarve-1991 Participacao no Mix Brasil-Festival da Manifestacao das Sexualidades- S.Paulo-1993.

"The New Life"

Direction Daniel Giambruno
Australia, 2006

Triggered by Dante Alighieri's "La Vita Nuova", albeit not an adaptation, "The New Life" shows how a man's ideal world crumbles as he discovers that his life is nothing but a fantasy dreamed by the darkest of beings.

Screenwriting: Daniel Giambruno, Damien Naughton
Photography: Andrew McClymont
Editing, Composer: Daniel Giambruno
Sound editing: Michael Tilgals
Art Direction: Darren Marshall
Visual Effects: Richard Grant

Cast: Salvatore Coco, Kaja Troa

Production: Tim Maddocks
Running time: 10 minutes
Production Format: betacam
IFF-5 Nomination: Fiction

Daniel Giambruno

Biography: In the mid eighties, Daniel learned film directing at Florence’s Istituto di Scienze Cinematografiche, with teachers like Tinto Brass and Mario Garriba, and guest lecturers such as Martin Scorsese and Vittorio Gassman among others. He then pursued a communications degree at the Catholic University of Uruguay, where he taught for a period of three years after his graduation. During this time, he also took part in the making of dozens of student films as instructor or supervisor. His Masters Degree Thesis, completed in 1990, was a 300 page long application of the General Systems Theory to film making. A career in television and advertising followed. However, the lack of an established professional film industry in Uruguay, finally brought him to Australia. He found work in the Pay-TV industry; first at an Italian-spoken channel and a couple of years later, he moved on to the movie channel where he still works as a promo director; a job that has been also rewarded with awards. In 1999 Daniel founded New Dark Ages Pty. Ltd., a Sydney-based production company initially aimed at making provoking and challenging films with a preference for fantasy, horror and humour. As a result, Daniel's short dark comedy Twitch became the company's first project. Twitch went on to win six awards and to be screened at over forty film festivals worldwide. Daniel's involvement as a producer in another award-winning short: Petrina Buckley’s Sixth Scent is also a result of New Dark Ages' support of young talent and its commitment to an Australian cultural identity. Both short films have been distributed internationally by Hypnotic and Britshorts, and have been sold to cable stations, airline companies and other outlets. Thanks to Twitch, Daniel was also selected to attend the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2004, where he attended workshops conducted by directors like Alan Parker, and script experts like Thomas Schlesinger and Lucy Scher from The Script Factory (UK's development program). The Talent Campus also provided Daniel with the invaluable opportunity of exchanging experiences with emerging talent from all over the world. As precious as that experience was for him, Daniel was able to continue gathering ideas from another golden source when, a few months later, he attended scriptwriting guru Robert McKee's seminar in Melbourne. For the last three years, Daniel has been given shape to his feature script The Rite, and now he looks forward to taking it into production. For this purpose, New Dark Ages Pty. Ltd. has joined forces with producer Tim Maddocks of Maddfilms and formed The Rite Partnership. The script has been able to attract the attention and commitment of veteran cinematographer Geoff Burton (Bangkok Hilton, Brilliant Lies) and multi award-winning composer Christopher Gordon (Master And Commander, Salem’s Lot) among other crew personnel. Tim and Daniel are now in the process of securing the rest of the crew, the cast and the funds necessary for shooting the film. In the meantime, they have produced The New Life, a short film triggered by Dante Alighieri’s La Vita Nuova, albeit not an adaptation.

Filmography: Twitch (2000) Sixth Scent (2002) (Producer) The New Life (2006)

WWW: www.newdarkages.com

"The Story of Bubbleboy"

Direction Sean Ascroft
Australia, 2006

In a stab-happy world, a sad outcast wrestles with his demons. The Story of Bubbleboy is a film about being trapped by the past and redeemed by the future.

Screenwriting: Karl Mather
Photography: John Simpson
Editing: Sean Ascroft
Sound editing: Danny Graffoni
Composer: Hylton Mowday

Cast: Andrew Supranz, Nina Pearce

Running time: 7 minutes
Production Format: 35 mm
IFF-5 Nomination: Fiction

Sean Ascroft

Biography: Not knowing which career path to take after leaving school, Sean’s father suggested he join the police force. Thankfully Sean’s muscles didn’t meet the entry requirements. After months of arduous soul searching at the beach he decided that graphic arts was the route to take and off he went to college. Whilst studying full time at the School of Visual Arts, a mail boy position became available at J Walter Thompson Advertising. Sean’s career direction was chosen…advertising TV Production. From JWT Advertising to Clemenger to FCB and finally to DDB Sydney, Sean has worked his way up to Head of Television. During his 16 years at DDB, Sean has been instrumental in producing many award winning commercials for clients such as McDonald’s, Konica Minolta and Gatorade. In his spare time, between raising a family, he makes commercials for children’s charity The Humpty Dumpty Foundation.

"Sleep, baby!"

Direction 2B
Ukraine, 2007

Sleep, baby! Close your book, and forget about everything. The day was so long..

Movie crew: Anna G & Sergey 2B

Cast: G & 2B

Running time: 4 minutes
Production Format: DV
Outside of IFF-5 Nominations: premiere


Filmography: 2007 - "Sleep, baby!". 2006 - "Festival smiles". 2005 - "She?". 2004 - "Ialtabaof". 2003 - "Nonprofessionals". 2002 - "Even if you are another". 2002 - "Do you remember?".


total entries on participation - 122, countries - 32.

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