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Generate a positive!

It's the motto of 6th Irpen film festival
which took place in Irpen, Ukraine
7-8 of June, 2008

We announced the special competitive program this year. It was some kind of IFF-experiment, because the main criteria for selection was positive energy and emotional component of movies. 30 independent filmmakers from 19 countries will divide their optimism and good mood with spectators of "Irpen Film Festival", who will need to choose the brightest and the most positive author.

Our idea had great success. Every spectator was happy with this year program, thanks to all authors who sent us movies! And now...

6th Irpen Film Festival positive awards by Spectators:

1 place - Marina Moshkova "In scale" (Russia)
2 place - The tiny fish "Sergei Ryabov" (Russia)


1 place - Eugene Krasnov "Picture" (Argentina)
2 place - Liubou Zhuromskaya "Butterfly" (Belarus)


1 place - Slava Feofilaktov "Molfar Nechay" (Ukraine)
2 place - Ambrus Emese "Viva Constanta!" (Romania - Hungary)


1 place - Iryna Markova "Happy rain" (Belarus)
2 place - Andrey Zhuk & Evgeniy Bovsunovskiy "Barmaglot" (Ukraine)
3 place - Simon Buettner "HenriOrange" (France - Germany)

The best movie
"In scale"
by Marina Moshkova (Russia)
was awarded by the main prize of the festival - "Golden Film".

Golden Film - 2008

Total entries on participation at this year festival - 168, countries - 40. Competitive program of the 6th IFF consists of 30 films (19 countries) in 4 nominations.

The organizers of the festival thank all authors who sent their movies. If you couldn't find your film in this year program, please be advised, that all pictures will take part in selection of 7th IFF.

- Animation.
- Documentary.
- Experimental.
- Fiction.



"Going home" (Diana Rumjahn, USA, 2006)
"In scale" (Marina Moshkova, Russia, 2007)
"The tiny fish" (Sergei Ryabov, Russia, 2007)
"Sara's Balloon" (Majid Panahi, Iran, 2007)
"Kite Rescue" (Rune Eriksson & Eriks Eriksson, Norway, 2007)
"A Trouble by the Lake" (Slava Feofilaktov, Ukraine, 2007)


"A Sunday in Pripyat" (Blandine Huk & Frederic Cousseau, France, 2006)
"These Shoes Weren't Made For Walking" (Paul Lee, Canada, 1995)
"Viva Constanta!" (Ambrus Emese, Romania - Hungary, 2007)
"To Awake a Soul..." (Evgenii Isachenko, Belarus, 2008)
"Wwoofing" (Robin Whenary, United Kingdom, 2007)
"Sleepless in Crimea" (Maksym Duchenko, Ukraine, 2008)
"Molfar Nechay" (Slava Feofilaktov, Ukraine, 2008)


"Let me go away" (Pereviazko Viacheslav, Ukraine, 2007)
"Picture" (Eugene Krasnov, Argentina, 2008)
"Butterfly" (Liubou Zhuromskaya, Belarus, 2007)
"Smile" (Stanislav Novakovsky & Vadim Tsvetkov, Russia, 2008)
"ON / OFF" (Irena Skoric, Croatia, 2007)


"For a few marbles more" (Jelmar Hufen, The Netherlands, 2006)
"Give me my money back" (Diego Breit, Austria - Chile, 2008)
"Happy rain" (Iryna Markova, Belarus, 2006)
"Shawls and Moustaches" (Jan-Eje Ferling, Sweden, 2008)
"The Green Morning" (Natalia Galuzo, Belarus, 2007)
"The Boy, the Bike, and the Apple" (Robin Whenary, United Kingdom, 2001)
"To find myself" (Vladimir Zablotskiy, Ukraine, 2007)
"Victor and the machine" (Carlos Talamanca, Spain, 2006)
"HenriOrange" (Simon Buettner, France - Germany, 2007)
"Saying Goodbye" (Branko Istvancic, Croatia, 1993)
"Farewell" (Irena Skoric, Croatia, 2008)
"Barmaglot" (Andrey Zhuk & Evgeniy Bovsunovskiy, Ukraine, 2008)


"5th Irpen Film Festival" (Nikolay Bondarchuk, Ukraine, 2007)
"Free current of events of the IFF-5" (Dmitry Gridin, Russia, 2008)
"Now it's your turn" (Romanko, Ukraine, 2007)
"Motion" (Robin Whenary, United Kingdom, 2001)
"Blow" (Ulo Pikkov, Estonia, 2008)
"The Erl-king" (Fumiko Matsuyama, Germany, 2002)
"Juddha - 1970AC" (Kowalczyk Olivier & Morel Gregoire, Switzerland, 2007)
"Tokyo rock'n'roll" (John Canciani, Switzerland, 2007)


"H-X3C" (Sergey "2B" Twob, Ukraine, 2007)

Electronic journal
with complete description of all films

Some best photos from IFF-6

regulations 6th Irpen film festival 5th Irpen film festival 4th Irpen film festival Movie library of the Irpen film festival contact information

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