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Dear friends!

5th Irpen Film Festival awards by Spectators:

1 place - Marc Riba & Anna Solanas "Lupe & Bruno" (Spain)
2 place - Mark Vetrov "Autumn" (Ukraine)
3 place - Olga Kazanova "Angel" (Russia)


1 place - Olga Kazanova "" (Russia)
2 place - Jean-Gabriel Periot "200000 fantoms" (France)
3 place - Jam "Infected" (Ukraine)
3 place - Peter Vadocz "Colorful EU" (Hungary)


1 place - Mahmood Noori "Doit" (Iran)
2 place - Dimitry Gridin "Crisis" (Russia)
3 place - Natalya Belyaeva "Striptease" (Russia)

The best movie
"Lupe & Bruno"
by Marc Riba & Anna Solanas (Spain)
was awarded by the main prize of the festival - "Golden Film".

Golden Film - 2007

Total entries on participation at this year festival - 122, countries - 32. Competitive programme of the 5th IFF consists of 32 films (15 countries) in 3 nominations.

The organizers of the festival thank all authors who have sent their movies. If someone will not find its film in the competitive programme of this year, please be advised, that all pictures which haven't taken part in the 5th festival will take part in selection of 6th IFF.

The date of the festival June 23-24, 2007.

Photos from the 5th Irpen film festival:

best photos IFF-5

- Animation.
- Experimental.
- Fiction.



"Angel" (Olga Kazanova, Russia, 2006)
"Autumn" (Mark Vetrov, Ukraine, 2007)
"Lupe & Bruno" (Marc Riba & Anna Solanas, Spain, 2005)
"My friend" (Rostislav Garbar, Ukraine, 2006)
"The Kid" (Fernando Pinheiro, Brazil, 2006)


"200000 fantoms" (Jean-Gabriel Periot, France, 2007)
"Christening" (Olga Kazanova, Russia, 2006)
"Colorful EU" (Peter Vadocz, Hungary, 2006)
"gizmo_girl2089" (Vincent Chabrillat, France, 2006)
"If you will go away" (Andriy, Ukraine, 2006)
"In any minute" (Mark Vetrov, Ukraine, 2006)
"Infected" (Jam, Ukraine, 2006)
"If you will leave..." (Viktor Konovalov, Argentina, 2007)
"Me again" (jahndra, Ukraine, 2007)
"Move Toward the Light" (Will Forrester, USA, 2007)
"TimingUs" (Valentyn Korniyko, Karpets Vdim, Ukraine, 2006)
"h Guides" (Konstantin Kolomiychenko, Ukraine, 2007)
"TV ME" (Riccardo Ponis, Italy, 2006)
"Untitled Poems" (Andrew M. Gribble, USA, 2006)


"10 minutes to doomsday" (Sergey Bilik, Ukraine, 2006)
"Crisis" (Dimitry Gridin, Russia, 2006)
"Doit" (Mahmood Noori, Iran, 2006)
"Impresssion" (Stella Kwok, Hong Kong, 2006)
"Older" (Mark Chapman, United Kingdom, 2005)
"Photogramme" (Gilad Carmel, France, 2007)
"Sayuru and Kiyumi" (Satoru Sugita, Japan, 2006)
"Solace" (Jared Katsiane, USA - United Kingdom, 2005)
"Sphere" (Dmytro Starusev, Ukraine, 2006)
"Striptease" (Natalya Belyaeva, Russia, 2006)
"The garden of chemistry delights" (Jorge Sa, Portugal, 2006)
"The New Life" (Daniel Giambruno, Australia, 2006)
"The Story of Bubbleboy" (Sean Ascroft, Australia, 2006)

Outside of competitive program:

"Festival smiles" (2B, Ukraine, 2006)
"Free current of events of the IFF-4" (jahndra, Ukraine, 2006)
"Sleep, baby!" (2B, Ukraine, 2007)

Electronic journal
with complete description of all films

Some best photos from IFF-5

regulations 5th Irpen film festival 4th Irpen film festival Movie library of the Irpen film festival contact information

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