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"Leonids Story"

Direction Rainer Ludwigs
Germany-Ukraine, 2011

A Soviet family searching for a modest paradise is swept into an immense disaster. This magically animated film combines drawing, photography and documentary video to capture the surreal emotions of the too-real tragedy: Chernobyl 1986. Leonid grew up in the village next to the reactor. The catastrophe broke his life, ruined his health, and threatened his unborn child. Yet his work takes him right into the contaminated zone.

Screenwriting, Editing: Rainer Ludwigs
Co-author: Tetyana Chernyavska
Music: Andre Feldhaus
Sound editing: Sven Bien
Photography: Rudiger Lubricht

Running time: 19 minutes
Production Format: DV

Rainer Ludwigs

Biography: After Completing his degree in Graphic Design at the college of Arts in Bremen, Germany in 1992 with the emphasis on animation and cartoon films, Rainer Ludwigs created television spots at the International Advertising agency, Grey in Dusseldorf. Since 1995 he worked as an independent director and producer in the field of image and company films. This work included firm order productions with 2D- and 3D-animation, TV and Cinema spots, spezial effects and cartoon films.

Filmography: Filmografie (Auszug) Rainer Ludwigs (Regie) 2000 „70 Jahre EWE“, Imagefilm fur die Elektrizitatswerke Weser Ems. „Parkticket Plus“ Fernsehspot fur die Brepark, Bremen 2001 „Eva“, Kinospot fur Stadtauto, Senat fur Bau- und Umwelt, Bremen „Aus Liebe zur Chocolade“, Imagefilm fur die Bremer Chocoladefabrik Hachez „Lloyd Shoes“, Imagefilm fur Lloyd Shoes, Sulingen 2002 „Das Gleichgewicht“ Film fur das Daimler Werk, Bremen „Produktion bei ThyssenKrupp Nirosta“ , Image- /Industriefilm „Familie Furchterlich“ Zeichentrickfilm fur die DEA-Mediathek „Feodora“ Imagefilm fur Feodora Chocolade GmbH 2003 „Airbus Spares Support & Services“, Imagefilm „75 Jahre Emigholz“, Imagefilm fur den Reifenhandel „Menschen, Maschinen, Visionen“ Imagefilm fur einen Hersteller von Prazisionsmaschinen „Eiswette“ , Film zur Spendenakquisition fur die Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffsbruchiger 2004 „Airbuswerk Varel“ Unternehmensfilm fur Airbus „Marathon Machines“ Imagefilm fur Weber, Maschinenfabrik „Go for Gold“, Imagefilm fur die Bremer Goldschlagerei BEGO „Gesund ist bunt“ Werbeclip fur die Apothekenvereinigung „Parmapharm“ „Internationale Universitat Bremen“ Imagefilm „Der Jade-Weser-Port – ein Hafen mit Tiefgang“ Informationsfilm uber das Hafenprojekt „Neue Fabrik“ Mitarbeiterinformation fur das Werkentwicklungsprogramm, Airbuswerk HH „Friction Stir Welding“ Forschungsdokumentation fur Airbus „Sail 2005“ Messe- und Werbeclip fur das Windjammertreffen in Bremerhaven 2005 „DMU – Das digitale Mock-up“, Mitarbeiterinformation fur Airbus „Jacobs Kronung Pads“, Produktinformation fur Kraft Foods „The wonderful world of Mr.Q“, Imagefilm fur Radio Frequency Systems „Der neue TSI-Motor“ Produktinformationsfilm fur die Volkswagen AG 2006 „Das EMIR-Projekt“ Forschungsdokumentation fur Airbus „Making of A380“ Film zum Erstflug des A380 fur die deutschen Airbuswerke „Wirbelschleppen – Faszination eines unsichtbaren Phanomens“ fur das Deutsche Institut fur Luft- und Raumfahrt „Kover GmbH & Co KG“, Imagefilm fur einen Hersteller von Kunststoffprodukten 2007 „Das AWIATOR-Projekt“ Dokumentation eines europaischen Luftforschungsprojektes „GEA Ecoflex“ Imageclip fur den Hersteller von Warmeplattentauschern „ThyssenKrupp Nirosta – Werkstoffe in der Anwendung“, Imagefilm fur Nirosta 2008 \"Erich Jaeger - The Company\", Imagefilm \"Kaffeehaus Edeka\", Kraft Foods Deutschland GmbH, Mitarbeiter- und Kundeninformation „Business Travel 2.0“, Messetrailer fur BCD-Travel 2009 „Fenster 24“ Animierter Fernsehspot (2D- und 3D) „Domino“ Messeclip fur BCD-Travel (3D-Animation) „The birth of a Remos-Aircraft“ Remos-Aircraft, Produktinformationsfilm fur Leichtflugzeuge „GEA Ecoflex“, Imagefilm 2010 „Der Urknall“ 3D-Animation fur einen Imagefilm fur das DESY, Hamburg „Weber – High-Tech – Emotions“ Imagefilm „Jugendfreizeit-Ticket“ – Kinospot VBN (2D- und 3D-Animation) „Clean Sky“ Animierter Trailer fur ein europaisches Luftfahrt-Forschungsprojekt „Kinder von Tschernobyl“ – Dokumentation fur die gleichnamige Stiftung


"The Human Sculptures"

Direction Matti Kiviniemi
Finland, 2010

An ugly sculptures travels from person to other, and finally finds its place.

Screenwriting, Photography: Matti Kiviniemi
Editing, Sound editing: Joonas Makkonen
Music: Tuomo Marttinen, Erno Michelsson

Cast: Jari Manninen, Marika Pekkarinen, Jessika Huhtanen, Tero Malinen, Kimmo Pekkarinen

Running time: 3 minutes
Production Format: Photo

Matti Kiviniemi

Biography: Matti Hermanni Kiviniemi was born in area of Oulu in 1980. Before starting his film studyings, Matti has already graduated as an engineer. The Human Sculptures is Matti's second direction.

Filmography: -Bunny the Killer Thing (2011, post-production) Role: Actor, Sound by -I Had a Girlfriend (2010) Role: Actor -The Human Sculptures (2010) Role: Director, Screenplay -Kuuletko naurun? (2010) Role: Director, Screenplay, Composer -A Small Awakening (2009)



Direction Abel Visky
Romania-Hungary, 2010

An old man cleans up the bottom of a deserted swimming pool. After finishing his job, he opens a pin to fill up the pool. It seems to be clear: something realy important is about to happen.

Screenwriting, Editing: Abel Visky
Photography: Lorand Laszlo
Sound editing: Rudolf Varhegyi

Cast: Gyorgy Barko

Production: Sandor Buglya
Running time: 5 minutes
Production Format: 35 mm

Abel Visky

Biography: Born in Bacau, Romania, in the year 1987. Attended Sapientia University, film directing department. During his studies he made a short documentary about how some homeless people in his hometown, Cluj, are celebrating the Christmas. The title of the film is We are the champions, and was presented in several film festivals, winning three best short documentary awards. His diploma film was inspired by Jim Jarmusch’s A night on earth, and it is a taxi story about a Hungarian student hurrying to his girlfriend who wants to break up with him, and a Romanian cab driver who has very powerful belief about the eternal conflict between the two main nationalities in Transylvania. The film won the main prize at the Transilvania International Film Festival’s contest for local filmmakers.

Filmography: We are the champions - 2009. A night on Earth, Cluj - 2010. Splash - 2010


Direction Berkant Halil Erdem
Turkey, 2010

What most cant you do to eat a crisp?

Screenwriting: Berkant Halil Erdem
Photography: Dogu Tan Arac
Editing: Berkant Halil Erdem, Metin Sezgin
Sound editing: Cem Mert Dall

Cast: Metin Sezgin, Canberk Turan, Yusuf Inanc

Running time: 7 minutes
Production Format: DV

Berkant Halil Erdem

Biography: He was born in Istanbul in 1991. He studied at Istanbul Erkek Lisesi. He made 4 short films during this time. And he was the head-organizer of a national short film contest for 3 years. He is a sociology student at Bogazici University. Nowadays he works on his documentary project.

Filmography: Kalem (2008) - 3. Girne American University Short Film Contest Winner Kenif (2009) Ara (2009) – 4. Oklahoma Trailer Dance Film Festival Official Selection Simit (2010) – 3. Robert College Short Film Festival Winner, International Second Hand Short Film Competition Official Selection 2011, Crossroads Film Festival 2011, West Chester Film Festival 2011

"Out on a Limb"

Direction Falk Schuster
Germany, 2011

Leaves are falling all around, colder winds are arriving and birds are gathering together in preparation for the journey south Though autumn is at an end and winter is imminent one bird refuses to accept that this change is happening. Most of all he is upset that his favourite perch is shedding its leaves, for him the weather is not to blame and he trys to work out who the true culprit really is. This is the reason that he protects his perch from anything that threatens the status quo, but try as he might he is unable to avert this inevitable march of time.

Screenwriting, Photography, Editing: Falk Schuster
Sound editing: Christian Schunke

Running time: 5 minutes
Production Format: Photo

Falk Schuster

Biography: 22.11.1980 born in Oschatz/ Saxony 1987 – 2000 School 2000 – 2001 civil service 2001 -2003 training for a job as Grafic Designer 2003 – 2009 student at the Burg Giebichenstein university of art and Design Halle/ Saale 2007 took part a the EAM (european animation masterclass) 2008 study at the EASD Valencia Animation Department now freelancer illustration, animation and animationworkshops.

Filmography: 2006 „Hollyday in Gudrun“ („Urlaub in Gudrun“) Regie: Falk Schuster, Stop Motion 6 min 2007 „the vertigo giraffe“ („hoch soll sie leben- Die Geschichte einer hohenanstlichen Giraffe) Regie: Falk Schuster, Drawing Animation 4 min 2008 „two in the wind“ Regie: Falk Schuster, Drawing Animation 3 min 2009 „A Moving Business“ („Laufende Geschafte“) Regie: Falk Schuster, Puppetanimation 8 min 2011 „out on a limb“ („Ast mit Last“) Regie: Falk Schuster“, Mixed technic: Drawing Animation and Cut-Out-Animation 5 min


"Where Is Your Head"

Direction Nenko Genov
Bulgaria, 2010

A tale about our mechanical way of life where you act without having any time to use your head. Will you even notice if you lose it?

Screenwriting, Editing: Nenko Genov
Photography: Alexandar Antonov
Sound editing: Vihar Zlatev
SFX: Miramar Film Titles: Andrey Spiridonov

Cast: Vladimir Dimitrov

Production: Activist 38
Running time: 7 minutes
Production Format: DV

Nenko Genov

Biography: Nenko Genov was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 21 February 1986. Following his passion for cinema and filmmaking he is currently pursuing an MA degree in “Film and Television Arts” at New Bulgarian University in Sofia. He is also working as a video editor for Plovdiv Public Television since 2007.

Filmography: Tomatoes Eat You (2010) 99% Rust (2010) Where Is Your Head (2010) Sleepyhead (2010) A Circle for Two (2010)

"Lose this child"

Direction Yuval and Merav Nathan
Israel, 2010

Screenwriting: Yuval and Merav Nathan, Nadav Ben Simon, Guy Ben Shetrir
Photography, Editing: Yuval and Merav Nathan
Sound editing: Eatliz

Running time: 4 minutes
Production Format: Photo

Yuval and Merav Nathan

"Run Granny Run!"

Direction Nikolaus von Uthmann
Germany, 2010

The most dramatic race since BEN HUR! Sweet Granny is walking to her favorite spot at a lake when she gets overtaken by Mrs Messala. The old ladies maneuver their wheeled walking-aids in a breathtaking, funny but violent snail-pace chase. Black humour + whacky comedy underlined by subtle social commentary, as if Monty Pythons had teamed up with Mike Leigh.

Screenwriting: Nikolaus von Uthmann
Photography: Thorsten Harms
Editing: Christoph Hutterer
Sound editing: Oliver Vorderbrugge
Music: Jakob Klotz

Cast: Christiane Blumhoff, Gudrun Gundelach, Rocco Stark

Production: Envy You Productions
Running time: 4 minutes
Production Format: 16 mm

Nikolaus von Uthmann

Biography: Born 1973 in Hamburg. Film critic from 1994-97 (Cinema, Prinz, Kino, What\'s On York). Studied Media Production at Cumbria College of Art & Design (Northern England), graduated Bachelor of Arts with distinction in 2000. Since then working in commercials and corporate films based in Munich as production manager, assistant director, editor, writer and director. Currently developing 2 feature screenplays for different companies, and is waiting to get another already finished script produced.

Filmography: 1999 Ball Trouble (also music) 1999 To Date A Pachyderm (also script, producer, editor) 2000 Let\'s Stay Friends (also script, producer) - Royal Television Society Award 2004 The Flat Hunter (also script, producer, editor) - Best Comedy Short, WorldFest Houston 2009 Run Granny Run! (also script, producer)



Direction Pablo Millan
Spain, 2010

"Fatum is the boundless force of opposition against free will..." F.Nietzsche
After reading bad news in the morning paper, a man becomes a victim of his own fears.

Screenwriting, Photography, Editing: Pablo Millan
Sound editing: Ana Lombao

Cast: Luis Iglesias

Production: ArteAutor
Running time: 9 minutes
Production Format: DV

Pablo Millan

Biography: Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts by University of Vigo, Spain.

Filmography: Director of the short films "Long Path of Stone", "The BloodSucking Witch", "The Spell" and others



Direction Mateusz Staniszew
Poland, 2010

This short film is about an old man who is getting an urgent official note from an Office. He must get to the Office by 14.00 o'clock. As we will see this simple matter will become almost impossible.

Screenwriting, Photography, Editing: Mateusz Staniszew
Sound editing: Patryk Scelina

Running time: 6 minutes
Production Format: DV

Mateusz Staniszew

Biography:MATEUSZ STANISZEW is 27 years old. He is a self-taught CG artist and a computer programmer. He has been interested in computer graphics since childhood, especially in 3d graphic. Today he’s working as a computer artist at one of polish TV stations.

Filmography: "Stairs" (year: 2010, duration: 6.40 min.) "Teddy's Nightmare" (year: 2007, duration: 7.58 min) "Toy Car" (year: 2005, duration: 1.10 min) "Espion" (year: 2002, duration: 7.46 min) "Szyca w kosmosie II" (year: 1999, duration: 6.15 min)



Direction Satoru Sugita
Japan, 2009

On a winter day, a 12 year old girl by the name of “Rin” experiences her first period. “A woman’s red sandglass is turned over twice in her life. The first is at her first menstruation and the next is when she becomes a mother.” These are the words that have been passed on from her great grandmother to her grandmother to her mother, and, to her. Rin lies down on a park bench to rest. Soon, she falls asleep and sees a dream of herself as a mother.

Screenwriting: Mako Yumoto, Satoru Sugita
Photography: Sasha Sokolov
Editing: Satoru Sugita
Sound editing: Kaishi Nomura

Cast:Momoko Maruyama, Ritsuko Tominaga, Ryoka Shinada, Mayumi Kai

Production: Slim Synclavier Switch / Mothers Productions
Running time: 7 minutes
Production Format: DV

Satoru Sugita

Biography: A film director, Associate Lecturer of Cultural Economics, Niigata Sangyo University. Satoru Sugita was born in 1974 in Japan. Studied philosophy at University of Chuo. He debuted in 2004 and with "SHELL EAR", first short film, the invitation screening is done by 16 countries in the world starting with having received the high reputation value "The Prize of Fencer Award" from president of the jury Andrzej Zulawski in Wroclaw in Poland. His second short "SAYURU AND KIYUMI" was premiered in Louis Vuitton Hawaii in 2006 and later won prizes (INDIE LISBOA ONDA CURTA AWARD,etc) at many festivals. He has been on the jury at the Nagaoka Asia Film festival 2008.

Filmography: 1 SHELL EAR (2004) 33min. 35mm / 10 awards, 42 film festivals, 16 countries The 62nd Venice International Film Festival (ITALY) The 22nd Bogota International Film Festival (COLOMBIA) The 49th Rochester International Film Festival (USA) "Certificate Of Merit Award” The 10th Portobello Film festival (UK) The 10th Kerala International Film Festival (INDIA) The 9th Rhode Island International Film Festival (USA) The 3rd Vladivostok International Film Festival (RUSSIA),etc. 2 SAYURU AND KIYUMI (2006) 5min. 35mm / 3 awards, 23 film festivals, 21 countries The 5th Irpen Film Festival (UKRAINE) The 10th Shanghai International Film Festival (CHINA) The 26th Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival (USA) The 4th Lisbon Independent Film Festival (PORTUGAL) "Onda Curta Award" The 9th Yasujiro Ozu Memorial Film Festival (JAPAN) “Wining a Prize” The 16th Brisbane International Film festival (AUSTRALIA) The 15th Cinerail International Festival Train and Metro on Film (FRANCE),etc. 3 MOTHERS (2009) 7min. 35mm The 49th Malta International Film Festival (MALTA) The 18th St-Petersburg International Film Festival (RUSSIA) The 23rd Castellinaria International Film festival For Youth (SWISS) The 9th FIKE 2010 International Short Film festival (PORTUGAL) The 8th Angel Film Awards Monaco International Film festival (MONACO) "Best Supporting Actress Award" The 7th Anonimul International Independent Film festival (ROMANIA) etc. 4 KIYUMI'S POETRY AND SAYURU'S EMBROIDERY (2010) 30min. HD The 64th Salerno International Film Festival (ITALY) The 18th Damascus International Film Festival (SYRIA) The 17th Bradford International Film Festival (UK)

"Miracles in a Cap"

Direction Anatoliy Grigor’ev
Ukraine, 2010

Volodia dreams of the big stage. Fate offers him a chance when a traveling circus comes to town and its director, Alexei, asks Volodia to help with a sketch. Volodia realizes he may never have another opportunity like this. To show his talent, the boy improvises and the sketch is a stunning success. Alexei wonders if it’s just irresponsible behavior or a gift that should be nurtured.

Screenwriting: Anatoliy Grigor’ev
Photography: Alexandr Sedov
Editing: Igor Kulinich
Sound editing: Andrey Shmyrin

Cast: Leonid Shevchenko, Aleksey Nagrudnyj, Aleksey Vertinskiy, Irina Lomakina, Vladimir Pshenichnyj, Lina Budnik

Running time: 20 minutes
Production Format: DV

Anatoliy Grigor’ev

Biography: I born June 30, 1975 in village Mikhajlovka (Lugansk, Ukraine). In 1985-1991 - Kiev Choreographic School (class of Vladimir Denisenko). In 1994-1999 - Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, director Drama Theatre (workshop Ninel Bychenko). - 1999-2001 "Chamber Theatre" - director, actor. - 2001-2003 Head of Children's Theatre and choreographic group - 2002 Grand Prix Children's Theatre Festival "Krishtalevy Kashtan" (play "Magic Mace"). - 2003-2005 Theatre Clown "Visavi" - actor. Since 2005 - the second director of the company "Star Media"

Filmography: Debut.

"Sleeping beauty"

Direction Andrey Osmolovskiy
Ukraine, 2010

Screenwriting: Olga Annenko
Photography: Vadim Hanov
Editing: Andrey Osmolovskiy
Sound editing: Natalia Litovchenko

Cast: Anastasia Mytrazhik, Nikolay Bondarchuk, Konstantin Danilyuk, Alexandr Travnikov and group "SHRI-Lanka".

Production: Khanoff production
Running time: 20 minutes
Production Format: DV

Andrey Osmolovskiy

WWW: osmolovskij

"s1-s4 reflections"

Direction Karlos Alastruey
Spain, 2010

The nostalgia for a lost friendship.

Screenwriting, Editing: Karlos Alastruey
Photography: Natxo Leuza
Music, Sound editing: German Ormaechea
Art Direction: Ana Errondosoro

Cast: Iratxe Garcia-Uriz, Eva Rosino

Running time: 1 minute
Production Format: DV

Karlos Alastruey


"Love Through Magnifying Glass"

Direction Stanislav Leschenko
Ukraine, 2008

For All Who Believe in True and Deep Love :)

Screenwriting, Photography, Editing, Sound editing: Stanislav Leschenko

Running time: 5 minutes
Production Format: DV

Stanislav Leschenko

Biography: Leshchenko Stanislav, was born in 1986 on January 23 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Graduated High School 100 with a mathematical bent. He received 7 years of musical education in piano. His father a doctor, his mother - a teacher. He graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk National University, Mechanics and Mathematics. He worked in the photo-design studio - designer:). With 18 years of fond of video art. Even then create small video clips using 3-dimensional animation. In 2004 he created his first short film "Create Your Own Dream, (Create Your Dream). This roller - was invited to work on local television. Later went to the TV and opened another his photo and video design studio DREAMcorp, in February 2008. We left the studio and working on a freelance, create, invent and create a little movie...

Filmography: Create Your Dream, Love Through Magnifying Glass, Sad Colors



Direction Maria Morozova
Russia, 2010

Based on the short story by A.P. Chekhov. The Medical student prepares for exam in anatomy, but fails exam in decency.

Screenwriting, Editing: Maria Morozova
Photography: Vitaliy Afanasiev
Sound editing: Maxim Sorokin

Cast: Anna Korshuk, Evgeniy Berezkin, Murad Sultaniyazov

Running time: 12 minutes
Production Format: 35 mm

Maria Morozova

Biography: Maria Morozova was born in 1980 in Leningrad. She has studied on film and TV director’s specialty at facility of screen arts at St. Petersburg University of Cinema and TV since 2001 until 2006.

Filmography: 2005 / Vintik / 6 mn. / 35 mm 2006 / Shutochka / 11 mn. / 35 mm 2008 / Velik / 18 mn. / 35 mm 2010 / Anyuta / 12 mn. / 35 mm


Direction Manu De Smet
Belgium, 2010

Tom is a young man who has a strong connection with the Japanese culture. Samurai, Jiu Jitsu, calligraphy; not a day goes by without it. When a young Asian lady enters his life he sees knowledge as the perfect attraction.

Screenwriting: Manu De Smet, Steffen Bogaerts
Photography: Jochen Struyf
Editing: Bram Rabaey
Sound editing: Anton Dolinksy

Cast: Tiemen Van Haver, Na-Young Jeon, Gilles De Schryver

Production: Rembert Evenepoel
Running time: 20 minutes
Production Format: DV

Manu De Smet

WWW: trailer for the "Hitomi"

"Next Week"

Direction Andrea Monzani
Italy, 2009

"Next Week" puts you right into the situation of a man, Andrea, who stares into the drawn lines of his pencil to relive a reality he lost on a ordinary family day. It\'s a journey through the illusions of a man, whose only reason to live is his memory.

Screenwriting: Andrea Monzani
Photography: Simone Pozzi
Editing: Aurora James
Sound editing: Luca Canzano

Cast: Francesco Bernava, Maria Chiara Signorini, Elizabeth Parodi, Massimiliano Salo

Running time: 12 minutes
Production Format: Betacam

Andrea Monzani

Filmography: Next Week (2009) - First Short Film

"Bastagon and the Rainbow Princess"

Direction Marc Schlegel
Austria, 2011

Sometimes love doesn't need words. "Bastagon and the Rainbow Princess" is a strange comedy about loneliness, desire, individualism, the fear of dancing, outsiders, grandmothers, weird boys and weird girls, the great love and the one and only true Black Metal.

Screenwriting: Marc Schlegel
Photography: Steve Scholl
Editing: Christoph Loidl
Sound editing: Max Kliewer
Productiondesign:Desiree Salvador Iva Zabkar
Music:Iva Zabkar

Cast: Stephan Bartunek (Bastagon), Angelina Geisler (The Rainbow Princess)

Running time: 20 minutes
Production Format: 16 mm

Marc Schlegel

Biography: Marc Schlegel was born in 1982 in Kernen-Stetten nearby Stuttgart (Germany). After he finished school, Marc moved to Berlin and worked as a production assistant and later as an assistant director. Since 2007 Marc Schlegel is studying in the directing class at the Film Academy Vienna (University of Music and performing Arts Vienna).

Filmography: The funeral of Harald Kramer (In Production) (Das Begrabnis des Harald Kramer) (Kurzspielfilm (Short), RED / 30 min) Bastagon and the Rainbow Princess (Bastagon und die Regenbogenprinzessin) (Kurzspielfilm (Short), S-16 mm / 20 min) * Ich lebe, weil ich dichte ein biographisches Portrait des Lyrikers HEINZ KAHLAU Dokumentarfilm (Documentary), DVCPro HD / 45 min.) * INNEN/AUSSEN (Kurzspielfilm (Short), 16 mm - 2008/2009) * 6 Euro die Nacht (Kurzdokumentarfilm (Short-Documentary), 16 mm - 2008) * Die Jagd (Kurzspielfilm (Short), 16 mm - 2007) * Der Blog (Kurzspielfilm (Short), mini DV - 2007) * Corvee (Kurzspielfilm (Short), mini DV - 2006) * Verbindung Unterbrochen (Kurzspielfilm (Short), mini DV - 2006) * Rauskommen (Kurzspielfilm (Short), mini DV - 2005) * Das Zelt an der Klippe (Kurzspielfilm (Short), mini DV - 2005)


"Terra incognita"

Direction Andrey Kim
Russia, 2010

The script of the fiction fairytale film has been written on the basis of the results of the work psychologists with the group of young people at the age from 18 till 25 years. The young men gathered, communicated, composed different situations and told each other fairy tales. Gradually, step by step psychologists opened the subconscious of the participants and questions appeared as the result, all the same variations of eternal themes: love, friendship, treachery, fidelity... The director has shooted in leading roles not the professional actors, but young men, those, who has composed these "imaginations". Their sincerity in the process of feeling (living) themselves in fantastic coincidence is enough award for risk of the given unusual experiment. Authors of the project believe that they managed to find the new kind in cinema. Technological processes of cinema serve for realization of children's imaginations, problems and ideas. It is opposite to search by actors filmmakers under scenario. It is disputable idea - to have for leading roles not actors, and the casually found people. But it is attractive. Really actuality of problems and the characters, here those advantages which are given by this method.

Screenwriting, Editing: Andrey Kim
Photography: Sergey Gavrilov
Sound editing: Oleg Plyasunov

Cast: Ivan Lopatin, Irina Salihova, Denis Hayretdinov, Maria Amelyanenko, Anna Kim, Andrey Plyasyunov

Production: Studio "Master"
Running time: 62 minutes
Production Format: DV

Andrey Kim

Biography: Andrey Kim was born in Kustanay town, the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic in 1964. He has left secondary school in Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg), then radio engineering faculty of the Ural Polytechnical Institute. During the student's years he was engaged in theatre a lot. In 1995 together with companions on creativity he has organized video production studio, where a lot of unusual fiction and documentary films have been produced.

Filmography: "Little Gold Leaf", "Another Laught"

"Exquisite corpse"

Direction Sebastian Cardemil B.

30 fillmakers all over the globe during 300 days had been made this project.

Sebastian Cardemil B.

total entries on participation - 277, countries - 50.

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